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Keenline Employees Donate Over $1,000 in Walmart Gift Cards to Fellow Employee When House Burns Down

Last week, one of our newest Keenline employees, suffered a great loss when the house he had been living in caught on fire. The house, along with all of the employee's personal belongings, completely burned to the ground. The employees at Keenline quickly banded together, and within 3 days the employees at Keenline had donated over $1000 in Walmart gifts cards to help the employee get back on his feet. We are humbled that Keenline lived up to its long-term reputation and tradition of "being like family and so we always have each other's back." There were a lot of slightly teary eyes at Keenline that day and a lot of pride, and it just reminds us that when you work at Keenline, you truly are part of our family.


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