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Neat, Clean & Efficienttm

At Keenline, we keep you and your products moving forwardTM

Over 75 Years

of Conveyor Tradition

Keenline has been making and designing conveyors in a variety of styles and configurations for over 75 years.  Our competitors simply cannot compete with our offering and combination of both cutting edge and time-proven designs. 

Neat, Clean and Efficient Conveyors

"Neat, clean, and efficient" is the motto we use at Keenline throughout all our operations - whether it comes to designing your system and the way we do business - which keeps our customers coming back time and time again.

Tailored And Custom Conveyors

We have the best engineers and assemblers in the business. We listen first carefully to your needs,

and then work with you throughout the entire process to design and create a system that works best for your situation. We are known as being some of the best problem solvers and solution designers in the business.  We are the experts in conveyors, so let us do the work for you.

Home of the Ultra-

Sanitary Conveyor

Many try to compete with our sanitary conveyor systems, but our competitors all fall short with respect to the design, reliability, and turnaround time that Keenline has been able to deliver over so many years. Our fully-welded stainless steel customer designs are what we are known for, but we also offer a wide array of other types of conveyor systems that keep you and your operations clean and efficient.

Our Specialized Design and Solution Processes Help Increase Your ROI

Our specialized design and testing services are what set us apart from our competition.  Our rigid systems ensure that each of our conveyor systems is top of the line and gives you the top return on your investment in a conveying system - on time, and within budget. We also design your system to be able to be modified down the road, when your product lines need to be updated or changed, creating an even greater return on your investment. Whether you are in the food and beverage industry and looking for the best in a sanitary conveyor system, or in a different industry that has strict or high demands, we can put together a custom or established design together that will work just right for you.

Keenline - Sanitary Conveyors
USA Flag
All-American Conveyors

In Their Design, Fabrication, and Assembly


At Keenline, we believe that the conveyor system that you use to move your products should be of the highest quality and parts.  That is why at Keenline, all of our Keenline Conveyor Systems are engineered, designed, and assembled here in America. At Keenline, we take great pride in helping keep America and its food, beverage, and packaging industries moving forward.

Expert Engineering

Over 75 Years of Operating History With Innovative Engineering and Design

Innovative Design

Proven and Specialized Conveyor Systems and Designs

National Reputation

Modular and Specialized Sanitary and Super-Sanitary Conveyors

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