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Our History

History of Keenline

Keenline - Historic Production Facility

               Keenline Conveyor Systems was founded in 1947.  At that time, at the original outset, our core business was making soft drink mixing machines for carbonation, and some conveyor systems to support them.  Don Sissler, who owned the Company at that time, held patents on several beverage machines, and through process changes in the soft drink industry, the beverage-mixing machine became obsolete, however, the demand for the conveyor lines for bottles and cans was emerging and thriving. Keenline seized the opportunity and developed early conveyor lines to serve a variety of different functions and industries.

Keenline - 2008 Modern Facility Opening

                In 1975, Peter Kersztyn and his son Dave Kersztyn took over the reins of Keenline.  Over the next 45 years Dave Kersztyn grew and developed Keenline into what it is today. 

         In 2020, John Schuster became the owner of Keenline Conveyor Systems.  John is a fourth-generation business owner in the Fox Valley area, and his large extended family has always worked in metal and metal-based products.  John is honored to be a part of the long-time tradition that has been Keenline and continue to grow on its legacy of being a privately held family operated business.  John's little twin boys spend most of their weekends at the facility and tell their dad that they cannot wait to be able to help build and design full-sized conveyors someday.

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